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Huntington Park Lion Crest Silver Grey T-shirts


Former ranch land, Huntington Park was blandly named La Park in 1899 by a pair of real estate developers. In order to attract the Pacific Electric Railway, also known as the Red Car Line, the developers changed the name of the town to Huntington Park, after the railway's owner, Henry Huntington. (Huntington's estate in San Marino, now known as the Huntington Library, is the repository for the papers of Charles Bukowski.) The train came, and so did the people. So many that in 1906 Huntington Park incorporated and continued to grow as a thriving working-class community thanks to the train line that took workers to manufacturing jobs. When the manufacturing jobs left in the 1970s, so did the white residents, who were quickly replaced by Latinos. They have revitalized Pacific Boulevard, between Florence and Slauson, the main drag in Huntington Park. While you're there, warm up with some Mexican chicken and rice soup at the original Avila's El Ranchito, 6703 Santa Fe Ave., or a hot Cuban sandwich and fresh Mexican pastries at El Gallo Giro at 7148 Pacific Ave.

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