High Density T-shirt printing and Hi-Density Emulsion / Inks

The cost here is for making a High Density t-shirt silk screen for printing very thick prints. This is a specialized process that works only with plastisol inks as the deposit of the ink is very thick, measurable by a ruler thick, like 1/16th to 1/8th inch thick, or thicker. The ideas of creating a thick screen / stencil is pretty simple, but the process of creating the thick stencil is painful and expensive as the emulsion is very expensive and the handling to make the screen requires it to be coated over and over again to build up the thickness of the stencil. This in turn uses more emulsion and takes more time. The end result is a thick stencil that will allow for a thick deposit of ink onto a garment or whatever substrate you may with to print on. Some companies have developed special high density inks for screen printing and I will go into that in another section. For now this price covers one screen with a standard sized 10" wide by 12" high maximum dimension design exposed onto the screen. Click here to read more about High Density emulsion and t-shirt printing with hi density inks.


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