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Good Wine and Good Times Candle - Cupid Drinking printed candles

I can't really say anything about this design without endorsing drunk children and I don't think I want to endorse that or MADD is going to come out against this candle. Drunk Cupid is over 18, is all I can say, he just looks young. Cupid is like 1 million years old and doesn't drive, so there! Now back to my wine. Sip, sip, sip.

This is a printed candle in a cylindrical pillar shape made by hand in a variety of sizes as indicated in the pull down menus. These pillar candles are screen printed by hand with special candle ink made of softened beeswax mixed with inert pigments for coloring to form a durable print that will last as the candle burns. The inert pigments will not burn with the amount of heat created by the candle burning, unlike acrylic paints or stick on paper. You can buy this printed candle online or in bulk at wholesale prices or you can also buy this candle blank. The base candle for this design is on an unscented candle, but you can choose to have a scented version and the aroma will match the color of the pillar candle itself. Go here to see other printed wholesale candles. or click here to see our other candles for sale online.

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