God Save American Apparel T-shirts and the wholesale t-shirt industry in the USA

Note: This is an archived design, republished, until an update can be done with the news regarding the ouster of Dov Charney from American Apparel, text will be updated shortly.

Now is the time for all good hipsters to come to the aid of their company. Save American Apparel - Buy this t-shirt!

What is to come of American Apparel now that Dov Charney is gone? The legions of workers will now be subjected to the standard corporate protocols and cost cutting measures that other corporations enforce. The American Apparel design style will merge with the Gap and forever 21, but get even cheaper. The label will be licensed to other manufacturers for lollipops and sexy plush toys.

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Wholesale Alternatives to the American Apparel basic t-shirtsCurrent alternative to American Apparel 2001 t-shirts is the Next Level 3600 (not made in USA).

A t-shirt is just a t-shirt, but American Apparel isn't easy to replace. Through my ten plus years of selling and working with American Apparel for wholesale t-shirts in the screen printing business I have always considered backups or alternative apparel and t-shirt companies that could fill the void if all of a sudden I couldn't get basic Mens and Womens t-shirts from American Apparel anymore. This has happened from time to time and my options to fill orders is limited once I pull that brand from my array of t-shirt companies. Hopefully nothing will stop the flow of basic American Apparel t-shirts for my custom printing jobs, but at this point I have to put forward the alternatives to the alternative.

Alternative Apparel is one company, but they have sporadic stock issues, limited colors and the prices are high.

Alstyle 5301 or 1701 t-shirts are never available when I need them and the problems associated with getting shirts from Alstyle make it difficult although sometimes I can save money. Not made in USA.

Anvil 980 is decent, but the colors aren't quite there yet and the stock fluctuates. The prices aren't bad. Not made in USA.

Tultex is a cheap alternative, but a little too thin and not available when I need them. These work as a backup from time to time.

Hanes has a new ringspun shirt the 490 or some number, but they have limited colors and they cost a little less.

I've tried Kavio, Pima, Ultra Club, and US Blanks, Alpha and Next Level. Each has some positives and negatives, but availability is always the problem, price is second.

Updates to follow, as the news comes in.

American Apparel Bankruptcy Appears Likely - Huffington Post - Am App current price at $1.12 APP - news.google.com.


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