FTP - File Transfer Protocol T-shirt - Before there was acronym humor

Acronyms are funny. Text-typing is functional. Before text-typing took acronyms to a new level there were simple things that meant something. FTP was one of those. The fact that FTP still exist shows the importance of those three letters. FTPing never made it to popular nomenclature, but FTP still is necessary for basic web publishing in the same way that printing is necessary. The acroynum isn't funny. It's simple and it means what it says, but finding a good FTP software is important and if you wear this t-shirt you will be able to tell the people around you that you know what FTP means, which isn't much, unless the people around you don't know what it means. Then it can be as important as atom smashing and cold fusion. Run with it and let us know what you can make of nothing but the three letter non-word, "FTP". Words that go along with FTP are software and upload. Don't say file transfer too much or it may remove the mystery that surrounds, FTP. Always pause before using this word so that it sounds like you own the FBI, but do not brandish a weapon when discussing FTP or FTP software.

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