Free T-shirt Specifics

If you are an attendee to a donation invite Hillary Clinton event or if you have paid large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation, then we will give you a Free T-shirt to make sure you get something for your effort. Just send us a digital image/copy of your check or receipt for the event (must be over $5,000 donation, since there are no "free" events on the upcoming Hillary schedule) and pay the minimal shipping of $5. This t-shirt is only available to people who claim they expect nothing in return for their payment to the foundation and their donation was not for political influence with Senator, soon to be President, Clinton. This free offer is available between now and election day, so you won't go away empty handed. If you choose to pick up the t-shirt at the local Y-Que store in LA you can get a free bottle of LA River bottled water to stay hydrated.


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