Fly Safe T-shirt Brown 50/50 American Apparel with Glow in the Dark Radiation Activated ink

With the threat of a dirty bomb being greater than ever, there is no excuse why flights and passengers aren't scanned for radioactivity while boarding aircraft. For God's sake they are already confiscating our suntan lotion and smelling our shoes. What are those powder swipe detectors looking for if they can't detect radiation? During the height of the Cold War even individual citizens were willing to where Gieger counters, so it shouldn't be a big deal for security to be on alert for a few extra radons while they checking out the rest of your personal items.

The current international incident with "The Spy That Contaminated Me" in the UK and Russia is pointing out an obvious question. What if it is not a "Dirty Bomb" that they are looking for but a "Dirty Person"? I don't mean stinky person, but a radioactively charged individual who is leaving traces of radiation wherever he/she goes. Can people contaminate people with radition? Sort of like the plot in the movie 12 Monkeys where a man spreads a virus through the airports by traveling around the world and the security guard at the airport was the first to open the vial of toxins. If our officials in "charge" start saying "Who would've thought of that?", then I know we are in trouble. Just like when our great leaders proclaimed with a straight face that, "We had no idea that planes could be used as weapons!", I don't want to start hearing from the people who are responsible for our safety that they did not think that "humans could be used to spread radioactivity," if that is at all feasible. If they couldn't have thought of this then what are we paying them to do? We don't pay our taxes and security fees just to have cheerleaders to keep telling us we're safe, when we're not.

Every package coming into the country should be scanned for radiation and this includes every person if it is indeed possible to spread harmful radiation by contact. Hopefully the traces of radiation left by the contaminated spy are just that, traces, and not harmful enough to have caused anything more than awareness of the issue.

Nonetheless, if you don't trust the government to protect you from radiation, you can buy one of these t-shirts from us and protect yourself. But watch it, they might take your shirt from you when you check in for your flight. As far as what you should do if the shirt you are wearing starts to glow for no apparent reason, either RUN AWAY or put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

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