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This item has been modified from the original items shown here and is not currently available online.

This simulated brick wall is perfect for spray painting on or for using in a larger piece like a large tile that can be fitted together with other panels. The picture here shows 3 panels being connected into a larger wall. The texture of this brick panel is similar to that of actual brick including the grout areas between the bricks, in fact it is the equivalent of a really thin brick wall. Each brick panel is reinforced with a matrix set in the plaster that supports the super thin bricks themselves. The bricks are cast with a hybrid plaster product and pigments to provide a strong flat brick-like surface for working on or displaying inside a frame. The inner matrix of fiber and polyester is mixed into the plaster to strengthen the thing layer. The benefits of this item is that the weight is lower than the brick panel with the top frame and provides a larger surface for spraypainting or painting on. The surface itself is uncoated to allow maximum adhesion by acrylics or spray paints and upon completion or you can order this brick panel with a protective UV coat applied ahead of time (add $10).

Flat Brick Screen Painting Acrylic Panel 16 X 19 Each flatbrickpanel

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