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Everything is Horrible Car T-shirt

"It's a cold, indifferent, mechanical universe!" I kindly yelled through the backseat window of the Everything Is Horrible Car to an elderly man asking why it says that. We were at a gas station in Bakersfield, CA when I first defended why I spray painted my friend's car with such a seemingly onerous message. Now, you too, can boast your metaphysical understanding of the nature of reality from absurdism to nihilism with your very own Everything Is Horrible Car T-Shirt. Friendly vandalism not your bag? Afraid of the possible legal repercussions but still want people to know where you stand? The Everything Is Horrible Car T-shirt is your answer to advocating painful truths with elegance that sandwich boards lack.

The shirt that we print this design on is the Next Level 3600 fitted t-shirts and the Next Level 3300L t-shirts for women. If you want a different t-shirt please specify the t-shirt brand, color and style number in the comments section when checking out. Youth sizes are only available in White, Black Heather Grey, Midnight Navy, Red, and Turquoise.

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