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Echo Park Swans Silver T-shirt

Hollywood began here! In the silent film era, Echo Park, northwest of downtown, was a the center of California filmmaking and the locale for films starring Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Tom Mix. Since then, Echo Park has been home to hippies, old lefties, artists, movie stars, a slew of ethnic immigrants, and most-recently, SUV-loving yuppies (just a few, though). Author Ayn Rand, slugger Babe Ruth, hippie activist Jerry Rubin and actor Steve McQueen have all lived in Echo Park. Charles Bukowski spent so much time in the bars that he could be considered an honorary resident. The park and its lake, which were often used while filming "Gilligan's Island", are known for a huge lotus collection. Each summer, the Lotus Festival celebrates the neighborhood's pan-Asian heritage. Each spring there's a Cuban Festival celebrating revolutionary poet Jose Marti. Speaking of Cuba, chow down on Cuban sandwiches at Masa's bakery or old-school French food at Taix French Restaurant before a show at Echo nightclub.

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