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Echo Park Red Brass Knuckles of Love Heavy Metal Grey T-shirt

This t-shirt might imply we'll kick your ass if you come over to Echo Park, but if you look closely there is a nice little heart inside the brass knuckles. The contrasting message may seem confusing, but it just shows you the type of ironic humor places like Echo Park have. Tough, but loving, or simply, Tough Love. Echo Park is an eclectic community, largely Latino, that is on the East side of Los Angeles, but on the West side of Downtown. It's a great place to do a wide assortment of things, that we won't mention here, as well as, a fine place to live. Don't be afraid to come over and vist, we aren't as Bad Ass as this t-shirt implies. We also have a t-shirt with Swans on it if that is more your thing.

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