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Ecce Mono - Jesus Monkey Fresco with Epoxy Frame

This unique item comes to you from Y-Que with techniques explored on These pieces are "photo fresco", aka plaster prints, of the fresco image of Ecce Mono, the Monkey Jesus, that was recently created as the result of a botched attempt at restoring a fresco relic on a church wall in Spain. The new image has been transferred into the plaster by embedding the image into this durable material in a way similar to how frescoes are made on real plaster walls.

This item is about 1.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall with the small rectangulr fresco of Monkey Jesus set inside the shape as shown in the white area. This piece comes by itself with a small hole drilled in the top.

Other Options: The stand is an extra $3, but you can also pick that up at your local art store. The stand comes wit magnetic panel that helps keep the small piece on the stand. The epoxy is mixed with actual steel particles and it will create a light bond with the magnetic panel to keep it in place. The benefit of the epoxy fresco combination versus just a plaster piece is that the border/frame protects the inner plaster fresco print. This will allow the Ecce Mono to be handled more easily without breaking or it can also be hung from a Christmas tree as an ornament. We drill a small hole in the top for putting a string through.

Another way to use this photo fresco piece is to order it with a ring and it can be used for a key ring or pendant, although it is a little large for a necklace pendant. You can also get this piece with a magnetic backing directly on the Monkey Jesus piece and put it on your refrigerator door. Adhesive backing is also available as an option, in case you want to stick it inside your local church or on the back of your car, but it is a bit heavy and thick, 1/4"-5/16", for a sticker. We have stickers of this design available separately.

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