Does this t-shirt make my ass look big? Diet Weight Loss T-shirt

Well does it? This is your basic smart ass slogan t-shirt that does little to save the world, but the bigger question that you are wondering is if this t-shirt will distract from you're butt. Weight loss is a difficult subject to approach with a t-shirt design, but we are going to do it here. There is no magic wand for weight loss, but by counting calories as with Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig you can keep an eye on things and control your fat intake and weight gain. It's not easy, but basically if you eat the right foods and constantly monitor your calories and fat then you can lose weight. The only thing this shirt can do to help is make you self concious about your ass while you do your best to keep from eating too much. This shirt is also designed to get smaller on your body if gain weight over a period of time. In this way this t-shirt is a weight gain gauge and if you're ass gets smaller and the shirt gets tighter then that means you are gaining weight and not losing weight. The grapic for this shirt is still being debated, either a mirror or a scale or an elephant on a scale, but it doesn't really matter, we will print this shirt up to a 5XL in size. Remember, Losing weight will only make this shirt look bigger on you, so that is the goal.

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