The Deplorables T-shirt Bill and Hillary Clinton Shirt

To help stimulate the economy we are offering these deplorable t-shirts for sale and resale at wholesale prices based on the bulk quantity you order online. For example at 12 shirts of a design they would be $9.00/ea or at 36 t-shirts of one design the price is $7.50/ea down to $5.00/ea if you order 200 t-shirts. Add $1.00/ea for color t-shirts. The price will go down as you order more of each design.

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Whether it is "Basket of Deplorables" or by calling people "Deplorable" as a group, this is not any way to identify people of the United States who have a legitimate right to support Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter. The Deplorables may in fact end up turning the tide on the election itself as the new Swing Voters of 2016.

Other Donald Trump slash Deplorables t-shirt designs in the works are:

Team Deplorable 2016
I'm with Deplorables

Deplorable is as deplorable does.

Proud to be Deplorable

I'm Deplorable

Deplorable Voters Matter

These designs can be found here:

The proceeds, if there are any, may go to create a competing foundation with the Clinton Foundation called, Deplorables Foundation. The sad truth is that this statement was most likely not off the cuff and had been vetted by a focus group and senior Clinton campaign staff. It's hard to believe any professional would come up with such a statement, besides Donald (who owns the license on these types of things and deservedly so), which means the Clinton Team and Hillary are prone to making serious mistakes when the going gets tough.

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