Day 6: Attack by Geragos

The witness, Colleen Rainey, was attacked today by Mark Geragos, the attorney for the defense. The defense attorney pointed out that much of the significant information in her earlier testimony was added to her original statement and had not been refered to on the night of the arrest of Winona Ryder. He also showed that it seemed difficult to see what she had seen through the slats in the hallway of Sacks. A field trip may be necessary to prove to the jury that you can or cannot see through the slats on the changing rooms. Maybe they can bring a door into the courtroom. He showed documents that Colleen Rainey opened a limited liability company two weeks after charges were filed against Winona Ryder for a writing company. She is not a writer herself but her boyfriend is a struggling screenwriter who just happens to be a financial consultant too. Also several deposits were made from a holding company to an account that is related to the writing company. Mr. Geragos implied that there may be a relationship and that she had possibly made a deal to sell her story. The prosecution made fun of Mr. Geragos by stating that the witness had not gone on the Larry King Live show and that Mr. Geragos had. The judge broke for lunch and is going to hear a motion from the LA Times on the private sessions held earlier in the trial. I have to leave and cannot attend the rest of the day because I want to prepare for a Art show party on friday, November 1st, (which you are invited to - 1300 Wilton @ Fountain from 7-10pm) and tonight is halloween and I get to go trick or treating with my kids.


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