Day 5: Incomplete Update As Usual

I made it on time to the trial today and there was parking, which meant that it was not too full. Winona was already moving through the metal detector as the camera crews gathered around a monitor outside. They were watching her on the inside of the building streaming the video out to the real world. She walked slowly, patiently as she had the other four days. I asked the crowd, "did something happen?" A cameraman answered, "Winona". Upstairs I took my seat in between an investigator for the DA and the attorneys that flew in from New York from Saks. I offered the woman attorney from Saks a banner that I printed that read, "I Believe You Winona". She thanked me and asked if I could sign it later, outside of the courtroom. "Sure", I said.

Winona was against the wall wearing a black dress with a medium neckline and pink lapels or trim. I had missed her walking in and had passed last night on drawing her coming out. Was I slacking off? Was I not doing my job of trying to record every single minute that she lives and breathes under the watchful eye of the world? Since she is sitting I am not sure about the length of the dress but it is black. The prosecutor and the defense are reviewing video tapes provided by Saks Security, I mean "Asset Protection Services". The process is supposed to verify that the tapes are the same as the original tapes provided to the defense.


Day 5 in Pictures

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