Day 4: Fightin' Back

I got out early but spent too much time uploading images to my website to make it to Beverly Hills much before things were supposed to get going at 10a.m. There was no parking in the garage so I got worried that there would be no seats inside the courtroom. Was today the big day, Day 4 when the video is half played and the accusations are getting juicy? I got there slightly late but before anyone had entered the courtroom. The judge was sentencing someone in a murder trial that actually seemed like it had substance. Unlike the meaningless persecution of Winona Ryder's case, that trial seemed to have merit.

Winona and her attorney entered the courtroom first, followed by the public and lastly the journalist. Winona was wearing a brown sweater with a below the knee dress and classic black high heel shoes, very motherly and sedate. The prosecutor was wearing a black blazer with a bright green blouse and had her hair in a bun. There isn't much negative banter between the two attorneys; in fact they seem rather chummy. Maybe they are dating on the side. After some brief time in the chambers the attorneys came out from the back room followed by the judge. The prosecutor took her position next to the TV and the jury was led in. The witness took the stand and seemed ready to get his high-tech pointer out and wave it towards the jury as if to prove that Winona was guilty. His demeanor was positive to the point of aggressive. It was as though he was leading the prosecutor into the questions. They worked well together. Winona often winced when he pointed out certain items or said that she said certain things.

The video played on often with long shots of the curtain or doorway and there was no way to tell what was going on behind the area. Often the Asset Protection, other wise known as, security guards, were scurrying around on the tape acting like shoppers and trying to brush past Ms. Ryder and see what was inside her bags. There were several interactions with Ms. Ryder and the sales staff and twice Ms. Ryder was given receipts for merchandise and handed bags. Several items of merchandise were put into evidence that had holes cut in them and the witness volunteered and approached the jury to make sure that they could see the holes. There was a pair of scissors in a plastic bag that were childlike. I don't really think that they could fit Winona's hand.


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