Day 2: The jury is complete Date: 10-25-02

They have picked the jury and all the pre-trial motions have cleared the deck. Famous agent is on the jury along with peers. The LA Times was denied a motion to unseal the pre-trial motions. No settlement in store and Winona looks ready to fight.

My theory is becoming clear. I understand the battle and the symbolism of the players. This is separate from the internal struggle of the day to day play of the combatants. This is pure theory as to why Winona should be free. The fact that Winona is a star and has star power, I cannot even look her in the eye for fear of being struck by her soul, but can also afford her own defense. By being proved Not-Guilty, against the agressive over prosecution of the District Attorney's office, she will be proving that money is what is necessary to get justice. This is not justification that a star does not deserve justice but that it takes money to prove you are not guilty and so many people before and after her will be proven quilty because they cannot afford justice. This is not Winona's fault. She is innocent, but without money she would not have a chance. The system screws the poor people and only the rich even have a chance. She should not be punished for proving the system wrong. The system is based on cash, dinero, money that the rest of the people do not have. The public is screwed because if the DA decides you are the next person to carry around the weight of the law then you will be guilty. You will have to plead. You will have to pay. Winona's case will prove it once again that the system is unfair because people forced to have public defenders will not get investigations. They will not get a good defense. The judge will not give them the benefits of conscience that they deserve because they cannot afford it. The jury will not give them a presumption of innocence because they are a star. They will not give them a Dream Jury. The system is not fair and the prosecution of Winona Ryder will only prove the system to be more unfair because of the excessive punitive attempt to make her guilty. The attempt to make her guilty is an attempt to make everyone else feel better that somehow they can convict someone with wealth and power. That is as wrong as the night is day. We know the system screws the poor people and prosecuting a meaningless felony in a high profile case will not make the people in jail sleep any more soundly. Free Winona, First. Then go back and give fair trials to all of the wrongly accused, underrepresented, intimidated poor people of LA that are yearning for justice.


Day 2: Court Drawings of the Dream Jury

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