Custom Transfer Tee Shirt Design Interface - Design Your Own T-shirt Transfers

We will screen print 1-color design at 9 X 12" t-shirt transfers of your design that you send via email for making transfer t-shirts. The setup cost for the one-color transfer is $30 and the price per piece depends on the quantity, but can be as low as $0.35/ea. Under 100 pcs = $2.00/ea. For orders of 100 the price is $1.75/ea, 200 pcs = $1.50/ea, 300 = $1.25/ea, 500 pcs = $1.00/ea., 750 pcs = $0.75/ea and at 1,000 pcs $0.60/ea, at 2,500 pcs = $0.50/ea, at 5000 pcs = $0.40 and at 10,000 pcs the price is $0.35/ea. Pair that with a $1.65/ea Gildan t-shirt and you have a finished product at $2.00/ea with a one color design. BOOM!

Send a jpeg for sample purposes to and your artwork file as an eps file at the size that you want the transfer printed at. Typical turnaround is 2 weeks from completion of the order and approval of the artwork.

These transfers will work on dark shirts as they are opaque Athletic Vinyl transfer inks with a strong glue that is necessary in order to block out the color of the shirt. These transfers will work on 50/50 and 100 percent cotton t-shirts. I have used an iron successfully to press on these transfers, but a heat press at 325 degrees and with a decent amount of pressure is prefered. You can do less than 100 pcs, but the price per piece is $2.00/ea down to 36pc minimum.

To place your transfer order you can click here and add one $30.00 setup cost to your cart then use the back button to return to this page and add the quantity of transfers to the cart below. Please email us the artwork first for your approval if you think the design may not be printable as you have it.

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Printing Custom Transfers for t-shirts QuantityThe prices go down as you add more to your online order for t-shirt transfers. The price breaks for wholesale t-shirt bulk transfers for t-shirts are:

Under 100pcs = $2/ea

100pcs = $1.75/ea
pcs = $1.50/ea

300pcs = $1.25/ea

500pcs = $1.00/ea

750pcs = $0.75/ea

1000pcs = $0.60/ea

2500pcs = $0.50/ea

5000pcs = $0.40/ea

10,000pcs = $0.35/ea


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