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Curbside and Local Pickup Cannabis Smudge Sticks

Curbside Pickup and Local Delivery Available for all cannabis smudge sticks and printed t-shirt orders: text 323-664-0021.

We have manicured a variety of plant leaves and folded them into smudge sticks that can be used for removing evil spirits from apartments, houses or work spaces. These are made from the leaves of pruned marijuana plants and dried so that they can be burned. Here are some of the leaf varieties that we have: Amazonian (Sativa Indica) Mimosa OG (Sativa) Venom OG (Sativa) Sour Diesel (Sativa) Godfather OG (Indica) Magic Melon (Sativa) Fatso (Sativa) Blue Dream (Sativa) Skywalker OG (Sativa) Sticky Papaya (Sativa) Jack Herere (Sativa). We also are working on a hybrid where we mix Sage leaves around the Cannabis leaves. No plants were harmed in the cultivation of these leaves. There is not traceable amounts of THC on these leaves, these leaves are to be used for religious purposes and spiritual purposes only. Other links will be provided for dispensaries and delivery services in your area for legal cannabis purchases.


Cleanse your space with Cannabis Smudge Sticks like Sage - Cleansing to Remove the Evil SpiritsUse Cannabis Smudge Sticks like Sage to cleanse your space.

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