The Crusty Paw Bar T-shirt - Back Massages and Booze - You won't be able to forget our Happy Hour

Where do Charlie Rose, Louis CK, Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein drink after a hard day at work? The Crusty Paw Bar, of course. It's a darkly lit low-key bar just down the street from the White House in DC, around the corner from a Hollywood Studio in LA or near the office in Midtown New York. A place where young interns can get free back massages from old men that lack good skin care. We cater to powerful and rich elite males over 60 with positions in the political and media establishment. Sometimes this can help a career, but most often it will leave you feeling dirty and in need of a shower. Come on by and get a drink and a massage. The first molestation is on us. The Crusty Paw Bar - It's only a massage.

Disclaimer: Sexual Harrasment is a Crime. A confidentiality agreement and liability release is required before entry into the physical establishment. You will be unable to disclose verbally or in writing any accounts of the events that may take place during Happy Hour or on our premises. The Crusty Paw Bar does encourage unethical and immoral behavior, but we provide a dimly lit environment where it will be hard to prove that it ever happened here.

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