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Toxoplasma gondii is neither a Troma Film protagonist, nor an Indian political/spiritual leader who preached nonviolence and ousted the English, nor a Himalayan berry rich in antioxidants.

That leaves only one thing: a species of parasitic protozoa in the genus Toxoplasma that makes crazy cat ladies crazed so our feline counterparts can once again dominate the world!!!

Allow me to explain, sexual reproduction takes place within the small intestine of the common house cat (Felis silvestris catus), which is then excreted by the animal. Oral contact with infected cat feces, soil, unwashed vegetables, or uncooked meat is then the usual vector of animal infection. From here the parasite begins an asexual life cycle whereby it infects cells of the host organism and divides within each until bursting the cell, thus releasing more of T. gondii within the animal to infect yet more cells. Within humans, infection is usually asymptomatic, or presents as a mild cold or flu, and has long been considered mostly benign. Occasionally those with compromised immune systems are unable to ward off the parasite, in which case the infection can progress to a more dangerous illness known as Toxoplasmosis. If untreated, toxoplasmosis can lead to encephalitis and, very rarely, even death. Estimates of human exposure to T. gondii infection range between 50% and 60% of the world population, making it highly prevalent.

But that's not the worst of it. T. gondii MAY be LINKED to TRIGGERING an ONSET of schizophrenia and then the cats will take over the WORLD!! Muahahahaha...


Cats are sick of you ridiculing them
Cats are sick of their pain being the butt of your jokes
And they will have their revenge!!!

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