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How do you find the cheapest cell phone service online that actually works? The only way that you can tell if a cell phone service is right for you is by testing it. Many phone companies offer cheap service, like Metro PCS, Cricket and even a bunch of the pre-pay phone services like Virgin Mobile and Go Phones. What I have found is that there is always a trick and I have a couple of phone numbers that I want to keep active, but because of the tricks from the phone companies I end up paying more than they are worth to keep, or I get a phone service that is cheap, but it doesn't get any reception when I try to use it. The most common trick is minutes that expire. I didn't think there was a prepay phone service that had rollover minutes, so I had given up on this concept and simply got the cheapest phone and phone service to keep these numbers active. Now I have found out I don't need rollover minutes if I only pay for the minutes I use.

Typically it was still costing me about $30 a month. Now I have found Ting and they are in buckets priced in such a way that you only pay for what you use, without penalties.

I have to further test this cell phone reception that they offer, but this is a promising idea and I hope it isn't just another trick. Go to Ting Cell Phone Service through this link and you can test the concept for yourself, the link offers a $25 discount for new accounts:

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Cheap Cell Phone Service - Work Around For Rollover Minutes Ting No Contracts $50 off (Now a $25 off coupon)

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