CeXchange phone recycling fraudulent offers through costco and verizon

Don't trust the exchange slash rebate that is offered through Cexchange as a way to sell you a new phone. They will modify the offer and act like you didn't send the right phone then offer you pennies on the dollar. I purchased $2100 worth of phones on the basis that I would get $400 back for two iphones and after wasting a significant amount of time and effort to clear off the phones and mail them back they offered me less than $80 instead of the original $400. By now my time for returning the new phones to Verizon has passed. This seems like a scam and a rip off designed to trick customers into purchasing new phones and then acting like they are negotiating for a rebate instead of giving them the rebate they promised. Companies that are using this service should be sued. I will drop my Costco membership and try to return the new phones even though it is passed the 2 week test period. Cexchange Rip Off Fraudulent Rebates - through Costco and Verizon Wireless

cExchange Phone Reselling and recycling company rip off fraud report cexchange.com cexchange

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