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Cooper Donuts T-shirts - Predating Stonewall by 10 years, the Cooper Do-nuts riot in downtown Los Angeles went off on just another night of police harassment after 2 am on Main Street. Less brutal than the soon to happen Black Cat Demonstration, it was still an uprising nonetheless, with coffee cups and trash hurled at cops, patrol cars shaken, singing and taking to the streets for the next many hours after midnight. The ridiculous and unnecessary harassment of innocent people yet again, but this time the civilians pushed back. Maybe author John Rechy's initial ballsyness to talk back to the cops that night started the donut of exasperation rolling, because the melee manifested after the cops' initial shock at this disobedience to their nonsensical "laws." Pop Star Moon Trent, a smiling activist of the Central Valley, solo artist and previously in Brown-Star and The Visitors Kimberly, models the shirt in my mom's kitchen!

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