Cat Scratch Security - Clawed Response Attack Cat Protection T-shirt

When dog bits man, no news. When man bites dog, not news anymore. When Cat bites Dog, big news. That is just what happened when a Security Cat saved a young boy from a dog bite attack before things could've turned gruesome. The security cameras caught the entire encounter on video and now there is a Cat Hero on the internet. This t-shirt is meant to take a bite outta' vicious crimes before they happen by alerting the world that your home security system is cat-armed. Cat Scratch Security is ready to scratch intruders and claw attackers, but that won't be necessary if you just post this sign on your lawn. This t-shirt is available in Mens and Womens sizes on a Heavy Metal Grey Next Level t-shirt that is 100% cotton.

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Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack - Live Action Video


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