I have been testing the Ting Cell Phone Service, a new mobile phone carrier that is changing the way you pay for your cell phone usage, and I have developed a free t-shirt promotion. The idea is to get customers for Ting through a link on my webpages, like this link here: $50 Off Coupon for Ting Mobile Phone Service (Now only $25 Off) . Since I would get a credit for sending Ting a new customer I thought it would be good fun to provide and incentive like a Free T-shirt for people who do use my link.

Currently you can pick any shirt in the YQue.com store and although you would have to input your credit card information and pay for the shirt to get out of the shopping cart I will refund an cancel out the charge once I confirm that you have also activated a Ting Cell Phone.

Any stock design on my website is available for this promotion, Go here to see the designs: T-shirt Designs on YQue.com Or you could pick a blank t-shirt with no design. I am going to cover the shipping cost for the first 20 or so people who use this link, but in the future I may have to charge a few bucks for the shipping cost because I don't make that much from getting Ting new cell phone customers. Please don't pick special colors for your Free T-shirt or we will have to make the shirt to order and that will only slow down the order. Currently we are anticipating 3 weeks for the ship time on the Free T-shirt offer to allow time to confirm that an order has been processed through Ting for their phone service.

Even without the Free t-shirt Ting sounds like a good deal that would save you money to just buy a t-shirt, but this is a fun way to put a little icing on the cupcake. You can pick any shirt at the link above and then write in the comments section the date that you also started a phone service with Ting. For this to work you must use the link to Ting shown above.

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