Wholesale Quantity Pricing

Wholesale Prices for Mesh Trucker Hats Based on Quantity

Ordering Instructions: To order a larger quantity please press the "order" button below then enter the quantity of the items that you want and after you update the cart your price will change accordingly. You can continue to add more of this item in different colors and your price will be reduced for the total order of this item only.

Quantity LevelQuantity of HatsCost/eaSubTotal Cost Summary for Qty Ordered
Level 11-5pcs$2.50/ea1pc = $2.50
Level 26-11pcs$2.25/ea6pc = $13.50
Level 312-23pcs$2.00/ea12pcs = $24.00
Level 424-71pcs$1.75/ea24pc = $42.00
Level 572-143pcs$1.50/ea72pc = $108.00
Level 6144+pcs$1.25/ea144pcs = $180.00

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