Burbank Airport Charcoal Heather T-shirt

"The Media Capital of the World" is home to Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, NBC Television and a great airport for catching cheap flights to more romantic locales. Contrary to popular belief, Burbank has nothing to do with Luther Burbank, the horticulturist who created the Russett potato, the world's most-common spud. The town is named after David Burbank, a dentist from New Hampshire who set up shop in what was a small pueblo outside Los Angeles. No longer the butt of jokes by Johnny Carson (especially since he died in 2005), Burbank has evolved into a thriving city. There really is a "downtown Burbank". If you're hungry, check out the Poquito Mas Baja Taco Stand on Olive Avenue, where you might see an up-and-coming TV star eating a carnitas burrito. If you've got the time, go to the Smoke House on Riverside Drive for old-style prime rib, garlic cheese bread and a manhattan. Afterwards, head to The Blue Room on San Fernando. It's a classic dive bar that is often seen in movies.

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