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Black Swan T-shirt  or is it just an oily duck?

What are you having for dinner, crow or swan? The stock market served up some blackened swan last week and now we have a new metaphor for what was otherwise known as eating crow. Black Swan Effect? Computer swindling is what I call it. The stock market is rigged to favor computers so unless you are smarter than a supercomputer you are essentially gambling on a street corner with crooked dice. The exchanges and government continue to come to the aid of the large corporations, but I have to wonder how many small time investors had sell orders in that were activated by the plunge and therefore their investments were dumped at ridiculously low prices before they woke from an afternoon nap.

This t-shirt is a no-brainer to symbolize the iconization of our economy, because we all know that some group of Ocean's 11 type people are sitting on the beach in Buenos Aires enjoying cocktails while laughing at the scramble to explain away their scam so the whole world isn't embarrassed. Black Swan, right. This black swan is starting to look more and more like an oily duck.

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