I Got You're Libor Right here!


Breaking News, the Libor dropped again, now it's down to 0.67 for the 6 month.

This t-shirt features the libor today, which may have more of an effect on you life than you think, and the date. I've been checking the Libor rate daily, as it affects my mortgage rate that is associated with this rate, which makes no friggin' sense since it is based somehow on the London Interchange Bank Blah, Blah, Blah... it's a number with a decimal place is all I know. The reason I am making this shirt is that I am determined to know more about this number and to make others know more about this number. It's not artistic, nor relevant to the world of fashion, but it is there and you should know more about it. In fact you should let others know about it too, which is why we are making this shirt. By the way today's Libor is at 0.68, a historic low for the 6 month Libor. Cheery Oh!

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Check the Libor Right Here : Bank rate .com 1 month to 1 year historical data too

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