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Avenging Unicorn Action Figure - playset - out of stock

No longer in production, out of stock. Check out this unicorn t-shirt in the meantime.

It's clear to see what sets this avenging unicorn action playset apart from other wackily nonsensical novelties - the impaled mime.

Impaling a mime on a unicorn's horn is as much a part of the American dream as apple pie or Vicodin. It's the end result of a chain reaction set in motion by our Founding Fathers.

It's the natural outcome for any discrete variables in a closed set governed by unmutable and inalterable laws for unicorns to hate mimes like the English hated Joan d'Arc.

Unicorns and mimes (and a lady and the man in the gray flannel suit) are together at last engaged in mortal combat in one convenient package.

Still, the question may linger... what, exactly, is the unicorn avenging? Social decency? The public good? A pantomimic threat to immanentize the Eschaton? Who cares? Let's just unicornhole a mime today! (no one will hear him scream...)

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The most famous of impalers
Gregory Peck
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