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I wasn't always like this. By that I mean, I can almost remember being okay. It's more of a feeling than an actual memory. Point is, I've been driven mad. I wasn't always like this.

What drives me crazy is the inability of certain mass hoards of people to clearly distinguish "feelings of knowledge" from "actual knowledge." Case in point - Albert Einstein never failed math, in grade school, high school, or Sunday school. It never happened.

A story, akin to Michael Jordan not being able to dunk, gets repeated and touted as fact until no one bothers to investigate it. Result? ALBERT EINSTEIN (of all people) was no good at MATHEMATICS (of all disciplines).

It's insane! It's not impossible, just so unlikely it's counterintuitive.

And of course, there hasn't been enough curiosity in said hoard to actually quell this ridiculous myth. And why? Why??

I'll tell you why!!! It has utility for the super-structural elites to pacify the rare individuals and marginalize their attempts for redress and recompense. It's used as a pick-me-up, a spirit-lifting, allegorical placebo to keep the masses unashamed of their mediocrity. It delays the coming of the Übermensch which threatens their languid positions of authority. That's what this is about!

"Not doing so well? Don't try any harder! Be content with Doritos and cable television. After all, Einstein couldn't pass math and look at him! He did something sciencey."

What? Does no one have access to Google?

Know what else? Everyone knew the world was round in 1492 and Joan d'Arc was killed for political reasons.

I wasn't always like this. I wasn't always like this. I wasn't always like this...


Eine kleine Einstein
The truth is out there.
Christopher Columbus
Joan d'Arc
Case in point

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