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This is a screen painting similated brick wall made with flat acrylic on a recycled wooden screen printing frame that measures 16" high by 19" wide. The brick is printed onto the old frame and is flatter than the casted fresco brick walls which makes it a little easier for painting, but not quite as realistic a brick texture. These screen painting brick wall panels can come with or without the top frame, but there is more working space without the top frame. The top frame can be added later on. These panels are mounted in the screen printing frame itself and can be easily connected or mounted together to make a larger piece. The best advantage of these brick wall panels is that they are light weight and can be modular and stacked with little chance of damage. Final print should be coated with uv coating for better protection. This is a painted product made from acrylic base with various powder pigments to create a brick like red pattern and color.

Acrylic Screen Painting Flat Brick Panel with Spray Painted Design acrylicscrnbrickwall

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