Just plain cool.

Whoops! It looks like the brains behind Abercrombie and Fitch pushed things a little too far with their now infamous "Two Wongs make it white" shirt. For those more inclined towards racial sensitivity we offer our classic "Chinese Food" shirt. Try though you might, we defy anyone to infer anything racist from this politically benign, yet fashionably snappy shirt.

What does it mean? Is the person wearing it chinese food? Well, probably not. Do they just really like it? Maybe. Beats us. You want our dirty little secret? We just like how they look. Order several and wear one every day for the rest of your life.

Comes with medium drink and any two side dishes.

This is a soccer style shirt with a v-neck and striped sleeves.

Very retro looking 50/50 poly cotton shirt.

Chinese food V-neck Striped Shirt - Out of Stock a359Choose:  Quantity:

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