There are some develops that we have not published here. There has been some success in negotiations and although the increase is not enough to make us go out of business, it is significant. Thanks for the support and we will update this page with more details soon.

Save Y-Que Trading Post 2-shirt purchase, on a yearly basis for $50. We have added $10 to cover shipping. The image shown is an example of the type of t-shirt you will receive for your contribution. We have a non-profit named Los Angeles River Fishing Club and will activate this to create an open framework, so that the members can be a part of saving Y-Que and potentially get a tax write-off once I submit the 501c-3 paperwork.

If you make this purchase of $60, then we will record your data as a member of this club and contact you via email with updates on our "club" activities. The purchase here will record your information and then we will contact you via email when the membership starts. Ideally if we can provide 2 "Y-Que" t-shirts a year to our members and we get enough members, then we can make an offer to retain our space on Vermont.

Other ideas are also being considered. We won't bill you a second time, but this purchase will allow us to set up a system to maintain a membership going forward and hopefully create a stable funding mechanism for the Los Feliz location.

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