Fuzzy Dice 3-sizes - Furry Dice Rock n Roll Hipster Auto Accessory

Americana at it's finest. Show off to the world with fuzzy dice, a must for any car which is even the least bit cool. Available in three sizes and a four colors, there's a plush die to suit any disposition. Think about how much better your life would be if there was a pair hanging from your rear-view mirror.

Hang these from your mirror or just use them as a pillow. These fuzzy items are perfect for the finishing touch for someone who just got a new car or renovated an old one. The available are small 2.5 inches, medium 3.5 inches, and large 4.5 inches

Quantity Wholesale discounts apply to this item at 12pcs or more. As you add more to the cart the discounts will be applied to the order. You can mix and match different colors of fuzzy dice to make up the total quantity.

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