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Toyko has Roppongi, Los Angeles has Koreatown, both famous nightlife districts with so much neon that the clubs can be seen from space. However, to get into some of the clubs with secretive admission policies, you might need to be James Bond. If you don't like to dance, you can get on stage at the Brass Monkey on Wilshire, the Carnegie Hall of karaoke bars; or play Korean pool (billiards) and then sing karaoke at Vermont Karaoke and Billiards. When late-night hunger sets in, head to Hodori Restaurant on South Vermont for spicy tofu and barbecue pork. But Koreatown does more than dance, drink and eat spicy food. Los Angeles has the largest Korean community outside of Asia and he heart of it a 20-by-20 block area also known as Wilshire Center. Anything you can buy in Korea, you can buy in K-Town.

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