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Candles Wholesale Bulk Pillar Candles now at Y-Que Trading Post - Made in USA with no lead in the wicks and Candle Manufacturer

We have merged our creative screen printing skills with a wholesale candle manufacturer called, Mill Valley Candles, and are expanding our line of printed pillar candles. You can also visit the candle manufacturer directly and see photos of the candle shop here at: MillValleyCandles.com.

""I have never met a candle that I didn't like", an Arsonist.

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Candles are difficult items items to buy and sell online because of the wide range of wax, sizes, shapes, colors and scents that are for sale when you start searching for candles online. To assist you in reachng a good decision about what candles to buy we are going to create a simple candle buying guide and try to answer the most common questions about making your candle purchase.

Y-Que is now offering a private label, high quality, pillar candle line through our store in Los Angeles. These pillar candles have a unique set of fragrances and will be displayed for sale online and for pickup locally. Stay tuned while we photograph and develop this section online over the coming week.

Meditation Seven Day Candles, Wholesale Candles, Aromatherapy Candles, Aroma Therapy: Candles are more work, require more handling and are more fragile to ship, but we do it anyway. Candle making is a craft and our wholesale candle manufacturer can be for wholesale Scented Candles here.

Spray Painted Symbolic Seven Day 7-Day Glass Candles online for sale

Printed Candles AromaTherapy pillar candle designs Wholesale in Bulk
Printed Candles AromaTherapy pillar candle designs Wholesale in Bulk

Wholesale Candles - in the melt recycled wax

Wedding Candles Inlay Patterns and Custom Designs Candle for Events

Shaped Candles - Molded Shape Scented and Unscented Candles

Screen Print Candles - Candle Manufacturer - Custom Hand made Candles in the USA

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