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RARE Vintage Plastic WWF Lunchbox Box w/ Thermos

Sold - Vintage Plastic WWF Lunchbox Box w/ Thermos approximate value of $30: now waiting for a new vintage World Wrestling Federation plastic lunch box for our collection online.

RARE Vintage Plastic WWF Lunchbox with Thermos, both by Titan Sports.

The lunchbox and thermos have a copyright of 1985. It has 3 of the legendary wrestling greats pictured on it, with The Hulkster, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Andre The Giant.

The lunchbox is in solid condition for its age, but is marred with multiple surface scratches on front and back, as well as markings of stickers on side, bottom, and back. A better visual of its conditon can be viewed in photos.

The thermos is in very good condition for its age. The top of lid, and bottom of thermos show minor surface scratches. The front side of thermos has multiple scratches on it, as shown in photo. The internal screw-on thermos lid is also included, as seen in photo.

Sold - Rare Vintage Plastic WWF Lunchbox box w thermos WWFLbox

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