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The goal here is to compare wholesale t-shirts with other t-shirts. I am biased to begin with since I run this site, but if I can't give you what you want then I don't want your order anyway. I have concluded that advertising my competitors is the best way to know what is out there and by developing an in depth page on the products that I am trying to sell I can incorporate the marketing with the sales. I am not trying to make you click on my advertisers, but my underlying assumption is that the most competitive providers of t-shirts will show up through advertising and I don't have to edit this page for comparable products. If the products shown as ads on my pages appear attractive compared to my offerings then it may be a good suggestion. If you order from me then I know I have a superior offering. The easier it is for you to see my competitors then the easier it will be for you, the customer, to make a decision about who to buy from. Thanks for visiting our pages.

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