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Political T-shirts by and for the people.

2012 Presidential Debates; Debate in t-shirts: Barack Obama the Democrat vs. Unknown Republican, Newt, Santorum, Ron Paul or Mitt Romney

I've been off my game and not posting in the political t-shirt department for many reasons, most of which that I have been busy. Gone are the days when the economy was good and I had employees, now I travel alone and have too much work to be able to waste time talking politics. But now, like with the election for President in 2012, I'm back. New t-shirt designs and an updated section dealing with the Presidential t-shirt debates will be arriving soon.

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Presidential T-shirts - political T-shirts for the 2012 Presidential Campaign bags

The Greater Recession Tshirt

recessionvacation$13.00Select:  Shirt Color:  Quantity:
Kung Fu Never Forget T-shirt - Grasshopper
Kung Fu Never Forget T-shirt - Grasshopper

kungfugrasshopper$13.00Select:  Shirt Color:  Quantity:
Free Manny Ramirez Royal Blue T-shirt
Free Manny Ramirez Royal Blue T-shirt

freemanny$13.00Choose:  Quantity:
Libya Liberation T-shirts - Moammar Kaddafi has left the building T-shirts

Charlie Brown Stripe T-shirts Zig Zag Stripe on Golden Yellow Shirt

stripedgoldtshirt$16.00Choose:  Quantity:
I Hate Bank Of America White T-shirt
I Hate Bank Of America White T-shirt

ihatebankofamerica$10.00Choose:  Quantity:
Burning Flag Pin - Political Free Speech Pins Buttons
Burning Flag Pin - Political Free Speech Pins Buttons


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