Gildan Cheap Good Quality Wholesale T-shirts from $1.65/ea on white to $4.00/ea colorHanes T-shirts Good Quality Medium Price from $2.00/ea on white to $4.25/ea for the Beefy T Wholesale T-shirtsAnvil Cheap T-shirts and Medium price tee shirts with organic Wholesale T-shirts and fitted shirtsNext Level Fitted Wholesale T-shirts for men and womenMade in the USA American Apparel T-shirts Wholesale in bulkAlstyle Triple A AAA Brand Wholesale t-shirts online for sale 1301Tultex Ringspun Cotton Wholesale T-shirts fitted shirts online 0202Wholesale YQ Brand T-shirts - with other Made in the USA tee shirts

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Free shipping for wholesale t-shirt orders at $200 use coupon code, "blankt" when checking out.

We only ship to the verified billing address on the credit card that is being used.

Click the Brand logos above for more information on blank t-shirts.

The least expensive t-shirt Gildan 5000 at $1.65/ea.Scroll Down for our 2015 T-shirt printing prices.

Check out the t-shirts shown on these pages and to determine which t-shirt will work for your order and email the artwork to for a confirmation that your job is printable. Shipping cost depends is approximately $0.50/ea t-shirt for.

Magnet Hats, interchangeable designs in a snap, $25/ea Solid color Mesh Snapback hats or two-color trucker hats.

Blank Gildan T-shirts style number 5000 are now on sale at $2.25/ea on white t-shirts (mix and match colors and sizes, ok).

Printing Special: TBA

The Gildan 5000 t-shirts are the least expensive, best quality, t-shirt on Earth in the widest array of colors imaginable.

This t-shirt is the best deal on t-shirts is the Gildan 5000 T-shirts for a standard cut medium weight t-shirt. They cost $1.65/ea on white tee shirts and you can get free shipping at $200 if you use the coupon code "Gildan". Click here to see the Gildan t-shirts for sale online.

New 2014 Custom T-shirt Printing Prices / Just add the cost of the t-shirts:

No screen set-up fees, Shipping not included, estimate $0.50/ea shirt for shipping on t-shirt printing orders depending on your location. Free Screens, for jobs over 100 t-shirts. If you are printing on color garments then add one-color to your column pricing (Example 2-color becomes 3-color print if on color t-shirts). email your artwork to confirm if your design is printable: Include the quantity you want, the number of colors in your design, the brand and color of t-shirt you want to print on.

Quantity Levels Quantity of Shirts Printing Cost: 1-color 1-side Printing Cost: 2-color 1-side Printing Cost: 3-color 1-side Printing Cost: 4-color 1-side Printing Cost: 4-color 1-side Process on Whites Printing Cost: 6-color 1-side Process on Blacks
Level: 7 100-143 t-shirts $1.50/ea 1-color one-side


$2.25/ea 2-colors per side


$3.00/ea 3-colors per side


$4.00/ea 5-colors per side


$5.00/ea 5-colors per side $6.00/ea 6-colors per side
Level: 8 144-299 t-shirts

$1.00/ea 1-color one-side


$1.50/ea 2-colors per side


$1.75/ea 3-colors per side


$2.00/ea 4-colors per side


$2.50/ea 5-colors per side $3.00/ea 6-colors per side
Level: 9 300-499 t-shirts $0.90/ea 1-color one-side


$1.20/ea 2-colors per side


$1.45/ea 3-colors per side


$1.70/ea 4-colors per side


$2.10/ea 5-colors per side $2.50/ea 6-colors per side
Level: 10 500 -999 t-shirts $0.80/ea 1-color one-side


$1.00/ea 2-colors per side


$1.20/ea 3-colors per side


$1.40/ea 4-colors per side


$1.80/ea 5-colors per side $2.20/ea 6-colors per side
Level X 1000 Plus $0.75/ea 1-colors per side $0.90/ea 4-colors per side $1.05/ea 4-colors per side $1.20/ea 4-colors per side $1.60/ea 5-colors per side $2.00/ea 6-colors per side

We have reworked out custom t-shirt printing price list for the Spring 2015. Our regular timeline is 14 business days for production. You need to provide printable artwork in an EPS, PSD, PDF or AI file with outlined fonts. We can't guarantee the quality of jpegs or gifs, but you can send them for preview purposes. Just decide which type, color and quantity of t-shirts, then email us your artwork.

Los Feliz and other Los Angeles Neighborhood T-shirts here.

Click on the t-shirt brand logos shown above for more information on the different types of t-shirts we carry.

The Best Deal on blank t-shirts: Our least expensive shirt is theGildan 5000 T-shirts On Sale for $2.25/ea on white, (plus $0.50/ea on black) go here. Also Free Shipping on Gildan 5000 and Gildan Ultra 2000 style number blank t-shirts at $200, coupon code "Gildan", only in domestic USA.

The most popular young Men's fitted t-shirt is the Next Level 3600 T-shirts with bulk pricing online.

Wholesale American Apparel t-shirt cheaper than you can get elsewhere for Men and Women t-shirts for those who like a fitted shirt that is soft and Made in the USA.

LA T-shirts: Los Angeles No Local Pickup for blank t-shirt orders placed online and put "For Pickup" in the comments.

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